Tiu Wee Han

Hello World!

My name is Wee Han and I am an undergraduate student at the National University of Singapore.


I started programming in August 2018 and have not looked back since.

I enjoy learning and teaching as well as doing DevOps related stuff.

Find my resume here.

Blog Posts

jenkins Jenkins is perhaps the most commonly used CI/CD tool for building, testing and deploying applications. In recent years, the dockerizing of applications has become a standard practice in the industry, and Jenkins is as a result often used for building docker images. Unlike other popular CI/CD tools like Travis CI or CircleCI, Jenkins is completely self-hosted; This means the developer is…

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The best way to learn something is to get your hands dirty. I wanted to learn more about site reliability engineering (SRE) previously, so I had planned to build an application with a complete infrastructure for my previous landing page that would've looked something like this. full-architecture You might ask, why are you putting in so much effort just to build a landing page? Well, I just think…

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There are a number of people I know who regret not penning down their experiences in a blog when they were younger. Hence, I am starting a new tech blog so I will not have the same regrets when I am older. One thing I noticed about most blogs is that there'll be a number of blog posts in the first few months, a really long break (i.e. a few years) before the next post, and the blog dies after…

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